Pounded To Orgasm In Thigh-High Leather Boots

I’m very familiar with a certain black gentleman that has a penchant for mature English ladies in big leather boots. Well, I have to be honest.. I do enjoy a leather boot myself and being a horse riding lady. I do have a large selection of thigh length leather boots in the stables. I usually wear them for riding a horse, but today I’m all leather’d-up for riding a nice big black cock. This gentleman made me cum so hard in this scene – it was so immense. Yes, I did swallow his load.

Category: Hardcore, Interracial

Added on: July 8th, 2012

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  1. OldBearSwitch

    This is a beautiful video, Lady Sonia has never looked prettier in any of her videos. The Gentleman is handsome and a bit suave, and even though he does “pound” her there is a lot of sensuality to their sexing. The boots look absolutely great, both sexy and elegant. There is some of the standard close ups of the his big cock and her sweet pussy, but there is no lack of shots of her pretty face. Also plenty of shots of her face in various sweet contortions of passion. VERY much a cut above most good porn. Finally a vid that has hot action and still showcases the elegant femininity of Lady Sonia, fairest fox to ever make sex films. WOW. OldBearSwitch.