Worship My Heels

The new stable boy has becomne quite the little pet of mine. If his Mum knew what he got upto at my house when he’s supposed to be “working in the stables” I think she’s be quite shocked. In this video make the young boy worship my heels. He is kneeling naked on the floor when I present him my heels to be cleaned. He tongues the shoes and sucks on the spiked stiletto heel. What shall I make my new little toyboy slave do next week.. any ideas?

Category: Femdom

Added on: July 20th, 2014

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  1. ladyfucker

    What shall I make my new little toyboy slave do next week?

    He must lick your cunt, please and than, he should fuck your cunt. You should lick his cock and get his cum in your pretty face and on your glasses. Please lick off the cum from your glasses! And you must wearing stockings, garterbelt, bra and high-heels please. And you should wear your glasses everytime. You are the best fucking mature lady with glasses. I love your pretty face with thick make-up and GLASSES!